19 June 2015

Downton Abbey x Twine

Recently, Robert & I were discussing a show we so love -- Downton Abbey. (If you've not yet indulged in binge-watching the series, do. Aesthetes, anglophiles, history buffs...Downton exists for us all.) And we were talking about how at the heart of it is the character of Downton. There's a compelling dynamic -- between generations, family and strangers, the upstairs/downstairs interplay. But, what always remains is the narrative of place.

So, the Downton Abbey x Twine Collection. I was so thrilled to hear about this collaboration! The pieces are elegant, timeless, lovely. And when I saw their pretty D.A. packaging...I was fan-girling. Each item tells a story of tradition, hands gathering at tables, home.

I know we'll be using these treasures for years to come -- will see them pass through time, and hands, gaining purpose and meaning.

Now more than ever, I'm dreaming of next chapters. Of our first house, where I will show a small one how to buff copper, shine glass...to take care, preserve. I am dreaming of cabinets peeked into, little faces catching reflections in silver vessels. I am thinking of the things that live on, of slivers of our stories in them. I am dreaming of our own little Downton. Of places that remain. 


  1. I've never watched Downtown Abbey but it sounds like i'm missing out and need to give it a watch! These photos are beautiful love the flowers and the bits you received are gorgeous!

    Courtney | http://courtzmelv.com

  2. beautiful little treasures, and so timeless! The photos are lovely