01 June 2015

five things we all do that you can stop being ashamed of

One: Dig through the cookie dough ice cream just to get the cookie dough chunks. 

We all do it. 

( Word to the wise -- skip store brand, there were like four cookie dough chunks in there. )

Two: Rub the perfume ads from magazines onto our blouse.

We all do it. Don't worry.

Three: Take 12,000 things to the car to donate...and then surreptitiously sneak two or three things back in. 

I do it. Your mom does it. You do it. Everyone does it. 

Four: Keep a handful of truly embarrassing things in our closets.

Does a Minnie Mouse backpack even count as clothing?! Take me to Disneyland.

Yeah, take me to Disneyland, and you wear something embarrassing, too, because I know you have it. We all do.

Five: Keep any bag from any nice retail store with the express excuse that, "we'll use them -- for lunches, to carry stuff, to give friends things in..." Yeah, you have a secret stash of them.



  1. This is so relatable!! Aha the ice cream one, yes many times. -Bethany! http://bethanysbrightlife.blogspot.com/

  2. hahaha, this was so relatable! Loved it :)

  3. How did you know? Lots of things go into give away bags and . . . a few find their way back out into my closets:)

  4. Ooh, I feel this on a personal level. Especially the last one! How did you know??

  5. Hahaha - please do more of these. So great.

  6. Lovely photos and post, as always!

  7. love this. all 5 so true!

  8. Aw! I kept my little paper bag from shakespeare & co too. I plan on guarding it forever.