06 June 2015


Onward, we are. 

In a twist of fate, we're Seattle-bound next month. (And pretty over the moon. I can't even start.) Denver has been our wonderful (friendly, sunny, beautiful) home the last four years. We've begun to box up our life here, sifting, piling things into cardboard squares, all of them feeling the full weight of belongings. And memory, too. 

Colorado will always be: the place with our first apartment, where Archibald came to us, three hundred days of sunshine a year, where I finally bought a puff coat and snow boots. We set out on our own here, just us two with a beagle napping in the backseat. Untethered to any history. 

It's funny because going home feels a bit like returning...but also, not. Surprisingly not. Almost jarring how little it does. We're not going back to a life; maybe elements of one -- the moody sea, brothers, sisters, mothers...where the buildings of our high school and college stand amidst the evergreens and water, our friends. But mostly it's a new one. 

And I can hardly wait. 

The sea-taste is in my lungs. 


  1. How exciting!!!! I am looking forward to the upcoming posts!! :D

  2. What an exciting time for you and your husband! Creating new memories in a familiar city has to be something so moving for the both of you and your adorable beagle. Congrats, wish you nothing but the best!


  3. Stopping by your blog is always a great moment of relaxation to me!
    We've been to Seattle for the first time this March, it's such a lovely place! I am very much into water, ferry-boats and everything tied up into that scenery, Seattle made such a wonderful impression on me, even Scandinavian of some sort. So excited for you two!

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

  4. Beautiful photos, and how fun that you are 'returning' home but also setting of on a new adventure! Wishing you both the best time with it :)

  5. HOw wonderful, you must be so excited!

  6. Love these photos! They're stunning!

  7. this mades me so happy! i live in colorado too and i adore it, but i visited seattle earlier this spring and oh my heart. i'm pretty sure it's a city made of my dreams. cheers to the two of you and your new adventure!