30 July 2015

Our Own Peter Rabbit

Just a quick note to say that although there is a little gate meant to deter her, Bernadette Beagle keeps sneaking her way into Grandpop's garden. And once she breaks through, we'll spot her long tail winding up through the greens as she hops about in the most self-satisfied manner --- and it all reminds me a bit of Peter Rabbit weaseling his way into Mr. McGregor's garden (sans the angry, rabbit-catching man of course). It's really rather sweet. Our own Peter Rabbit.


  1. Oh gosh, he is so adorable! I love dogs (pssst, and cats too). And that green garden (oh so much green everywhere!) Your outfits and hair are always on point (or on flick as they say it now) =). Wonderful!


  2. the tranquility of these photos <3 peter rabbit is a childhood favorite of mine