21 July 2015

Tonight, I Might --

Tonight is one of those rare and wondrous nights that feels dripping with possibility.

And with Robbie away on an overnight (and ye olde anxiety that keeps me up when he's away), there is no one here to flip the light, to lull me to sleep. And, oh sleep, often the welcome'st thing, which is so distracting when a mind is flying comet-like. And so, to take advantage of this night that feels so very hypnotizing -- though I'll pay for it tomorrow -- I might just...

write a letter to sarah 
stay longer with the dogs outside, strum my uke beneath the moon 
write an essay (*recommended use of inspiration/time)
contemplate the cosmos 
...and then read a lot of wikipedia pages about the cosmos, because...essays
rewrite my thrifting bucket list 
...and inevitably write a gazillion other lists because list-writing is the most self-replicating activity
take a long bath (just kidding, shower, cuz, lazy)
read a book 
trim my bangs (not advised, author does not possess good hand-eye coordination)

...most likely course of action: some lazy combination of the above, fridge raid, out cold an hour from now, because, old person slash work slash general adulting slash already tired.

But, the feeling is strong. And I follow it madly into the night. Only the moon, the stars, and (the sleep creases on) my pillowcase will know. G'night.

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