26 July 2015

Where I Start

white & brown is a palette upon my heart. this is where i start -- in my grandmother's guest bedroom, a space where i first learned that a place could be the physical manifestation of peace. a crisp white wall, and this very mirror which is now mine. white and brown. and then, a splash of gray. beige. one leafy green thing. and then, slowly, a streak of washed-out salmon, indigo, mustard may creep in for a time...ushered in and out as my feelings vacillate.

yes, this is where i start, a two-tone, quiet scheme where you can find the beginnings of me. 


  1. Lately I've begun to appreciate the minimalistic look. It's so classy.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. Very lovely room. More of it please!

  3. white walls & handsome wood furniture (with greenery & flowers thrown in) is one of my very favorite combinations too!!

  4. this is so tremendously beautiful. The pictures and the prose.