28 July 2015

White Dresses, Absurd Ratios, Go-Tos, And Life Philosophies

just a very, very few from my white dress collection

I own -- and this is true -- white dresses at about a 1.5 ratio to all other clothing. ALL others. Meaning for every tee shirt...there's 1.5 white dresses. Every non-white dress gets a white dress and a half, every pair of jeans, every sweater, yada yada. I calculated this. 

So, when I talk about go-tos, I am talking, almost strictly, about a white dress. Every purchase I make is centered around -- can I wear this with a white dress? (Although, clearly, the even more frequent question is -- is this a white dress, and am I buying it? --Yes.) 

I feel sometimes the philosophy du jour re: wardrobe-building is -- grab a bunch of basics, and then find as many different things as you can to "stretch" those basics. So I often hear friends say, "Well...I already have a lot of ________ (fill in: jeans, white tees, etc.) -- I should get something different." And my brain goes nonononono. I resist that entirely! (On that note -- Lo, please don't quit white tees, Lauren, also don't quit white dresses.) The 1.5 ratio is actually rather extreme when you really think about it, but the truth is that I always feel most like me in a white, floor-grazing gown. 

And I like feeling like me. 

What's your go-to? 


  1. You can never go wrong with white dresses, however mine are mostly all lace white dresses!

  2. You can never have too many white dresses :) in my case they all happen to be lace white dresses.

  3. Ah the basics - I need more of those. My go-tos include basic blue or black jeans and some kind of plain jumper/shirt. White dresses sound way more romantic.

    The Life of Little Me

  4. i have so so so many black dresses. even if i have a similar one i can't resist buying another! i am also slowly building up a collection of white dresses, but black will always be my go-to color! :)

  5. I actually don't own many white dresses thinking about it, white tops on the other hand now I have far too many of them! Sometimes we find a specific type of clothing we like and just enjoy a range of designs from that category and the fact that isn't categorised as boring in fashion is why I love it. You can have 5 of the same type of thing, but they're never the same!

    Infinity of fashion // Lucy Jane

    1. I loooove it! Haha. And I can understand that. Overall, between sweaters and tops and dresses...I think my wardrobe is 90% white/off-white. It's actually pretty ridiculous. But I've embraced it. And it's so true, it really is just variations on a theme...a hint, but never quite the same as the others.

  6. i adore white dresses, but they don't look so good on me. I wear leggings way too much. leggings and oversized tops and t-shirts.


  7. I don't own a white dress and I'm starting to ask myself how is that. My go-to? Everything white and nude, and jeans. White shirts, cotton and linen white shirts, oversized and fitted white shirts, I love them, they, paired with jeans (mom jeans, or skinny jeans) and a nude scarf. that's my go-to outfit, that defines myself.

    Beautiful dresses btw!

    xx, herplaceattheuniverse.blogspot.com

  8. Oh how I love
    1. Catching up on your blog. I feel so full of peace and refreshment and inspiration after looking at your photographs and reading your lovely words
    2. How similar we are in this. I literally have a rack dedicated to just white/cream dresses... My dilemma I suppose is choosing whether or not to obey that pesky rule of no white in winter....