10 August 2015

I Love You Every Molecule

my dress:  c/o rosegal

 i have ordered from rosegal before, & one thing i've always been impressed with was the delivery time for US orders. it can vary from site to site, but this item came sooner than some domestic shipments I've placed! we all know i love a beautiful white dress. and you can't have too many white, breezy things in the summer time...

some other rosegal items that caught my eye:
this white dress // this tunic // this sweater


summer, i love you. i love you in the backyard, in a white dress, in soft sheer lines that catch the sun. i love you like a prayer offered up, like a thing you believe in before it's complete -- just because it's begun to take form. 

oh summer, i love you. i love you every molecule.


  1. this all-white look is so lovely!

    x Rebecca

  2. this white dress looks so ethereal & magical on you!!!

  3. Amazing white dress...what a perfect Summer look! And your hair...always the prettiest!


  4. Do you mind sharing some of the beautiful summer with me? x