16 November 2015

a good ______ // 01

A new way to share 5 things I am currently loving. Be it books, or well-loved clothing items, places, hobbies, shows, sites, etc. 

A good ______.  

a good watch 
mine's daniel wellington and i do not take it off.  
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a good book
i've been tearing through books lately. some i've enjoyed over the last few weeks are not that kind of girl by lena dunham, bad feminist by roxane gay, and an essay anthology -- goodbye to all that

good denim
especially these high-waisters from UO which are practically grafted to me. 

good black flats
robert has convinced me to invest in a better pair, as i wear them so often. 

a good tote
if not being used as my primary bag, i always keep my shakespeare & co. tote tucked away in my purse for last minute thrifting, market, or library visits. especially now, with our minds & hearts on paris, it reminds me moment-to-moment of my favorite city. 

1 comment:

  1. i have those pointy ballet flats from jcrew and they are wonderful. :) super uncomfortable the first day but now they fit like a glove!