10 November 2015

A Very 90s Mid-Autumn

We are in the throes of that in-between autumn & winter state I so completely love. Even when markets are packed, the hustle & bustle is merrier. I like nothing more than seeing a sweet soul bow to another in the coffee line, the international signal of "no, you first."

And, I am increasingly happy 90s silhouettes have returned! Baggy things, cropped things, overalls & stripes & high-waisted things. Urban Outfitters has so many delicious things right now, I'm overwhelmed. My favorite shopping trick this season is stopping in there for a few treasures, then supplementing with a thrifted thing or two.

(P.s. UO has free shipping through tomorrow! I'll be taking advantage of that for some Christmas shopping tonight...)


  1. I love this outfit, perfect autumnly/wintery combination!

  2. These photographs are stunning. I have been reading your blog for a while now and your content is beautiful, so lovely.

    Love, Summer.

  3. Love this fall outfit!


  4. your nose is adorable. that's probably weird to say...

    i love holiday cheer season. makes me want to hug people. i went to starbucks last week and the man working was SO kind and friendly and cheerful that he made me happy just talking to him. those are such my favorite people. it made my salted caramel mocha even better.

  5. I love your outfit! These photos are lovely :)