08 November 2015

some things my dog has taught me

be excited to see everyone.

you're cute. people should like you and want to hug you. if they don't, go find better people. 

it's ok to howl when you must. and wail. even bark. 

some days are meant to be slept all the way through. 

and some days, if all you do is exist, that's ok. 

hog the bed. you deserve it. 

trust your senses. 

know your worth. there is a market value to the tricks people will ask you to perform. get your back scratches and cookies. 

birds are such showoffs. 

sometimes, a simple handshake is all you need to get in good. 

the good people never really go away forever. (...seriously, they're probably just at work, it's gonna be ok.) 

usually you can get what you want if you're persistent and ask the right person. 

one man's trash is...well, you know. 

take it all in. every sight, sound, smell. you're a damn artist. 

everything! is! amazing!

ask for help when you need it. it's not your fault the bed is so tall. 

two words: positive. reinforcement. 

don't chase every squirrel you meet, some squirrels aren't so great. but if you find a really good squirrel, chase that squirrel. 

live in the seasons. (there is good food in every season, my dog has done the sniffing & legwork.) 

go on long walks every day. 

and above all. if you find a pastry...eat the pastry.


  1. those are amazing tips to live by, hah! :) your dog is a pro at this stuff.

  2. I love this. And needed this. Though I can't have a dog in my apartment, my family dog, my friends' dogs all receive my love and attention. And this is just a great reminder. Especially the one about the squirrel!

  3. "and some days, if all you do is exist, that's ok." oh my. so good.