05 December 2015

a bedroom in the making

Hello! Welcome to our bedroom in the making.  

Jigsaw-puzzling our belongings into a tiny moving pod finally thrust us into the very mature, very brilliant, very long-approaching chapter of our lives titled Absolutely Nothing Unloved Allowed. 

In the bedroom, I've taken this to extremes, surrounding myself with only my most beloved things...

My Crosley! And bless UO for their new line of muted colors. This is honestly in the top five favorite things I own. 

Also, this bedding. The trick to having a cozy bed is covers that look equally good made up or rumpled. 

Home making mantra number one: skip cumbersome & expensive decor and instead buy candles regularly. They're wonderfully romantic. Rooms don't feel complete to me without them. 

My current obsession is PF Candle Co. This particular one is so toasty & lush. My friend Kaitlin has a spruce one in her house and I practically stuffed my nose right into it, it's sooooo good. 

My trusty ring-holder. 

A sweet cage pendant (to be fitted with a bare bulb) from Merci in Paris. 

A thrifted frame from my mum, who requested a photo to set in it.

The "I Love Our Home" trinket is something Robert made once upon a time, and I kid you not, it was the first thing I opened as we unpacked. I didn't plan this, I just reached into a random box and plucked out the first paper-wrapped thing. So, of course, I was a puddle after that.

My be-ee-eee-eeeee-loved dresser, craigslist find o' my life. 

A fox mount for Robert's birthday, found at Lucca Great Finds in Ballard. 

...which is an adorable store and one you MUST stop in next time you're in Seattle. 

A wedding gift from Robbie & something new from Vrai & Oro. Both boxes feel so romantic to me.

Whilst the chandelier is flipped on, the room transforms into this fantastically gray-lit cozy space. It's moody & completely lovely. 

My loungewear drawer has a balletic theme (only feminine & pretty things, only in black, soft pink, gray, and white) and I am thrilled each time I open it. 

Favorite PJs: 
Luxury -- Maison Du Soir 
Budget (but still very posh) option which I wore all through Paris -- These and These from Target

I keep my Daniel Wellington in a silver tray by the bed. There's something very adult which I love about strapping a watch first thing in the morning. (You can still use deercircus15 for 15% off at DW.) 

And the pups like it here, too.  So I'd say it's coming along. ; )


  1. LOVE! love all your things (duh), but really, reeeally love the caged pendant. can you do a follow up when you have a bulb inside?

  2. Your bedroom is so dreamy & romantic. I love what you did with it, Bridget!