12 December 2015

Christmas Is For Lovers x URBAN OUTFITTERS

We first got together in the wintertime, so this season of chilled earth & bundled bodies always feels like a homecoming. We have so many city spots we like to stop by, so many events we look forward to.

One shop we love to visit in the wintertime is Urban Outfitters. We both find holiday get-ups, gifts for friends, always discover new records and home bits (blankets, candles, record players...everything you need for a lovers' winter hibernation). They have something truly special for everyone, I swear it. They get holidays at Urban.

Ten years ago on the day of our first (very snowy) date, I went to Urban Outfitters in Seattle & got a lace blouse to wear and a little holiday gift for him. Now, ten years later, we bundled in our favorite Urban finds to pick a Christmas tree for our first house, lit candles, spun christmas records, and celebrated us.

Sidenote to drool over how cute he is in his utility jacket. No one should be that cute. 

Once home, I swapped my jumper for a cozy sweater & knee socks & calvins (it's silly, but few things make me happier than the holiday midday clothes-swap that signals to me: you ventured the cold today, good on you! now here's a second sweater and briefs and a second hot coffee.) 

And then: toasty candles, records, dancing & snuggling, and a bit of cooking. What else do you need to have a good holiday with your love? Nada. 

This post sponsored by Urban Outfitters. Thank you to our friends at UO for always making our holidays cozier!