04 January 2016

A Stocking For Him

When we married, how we would "do Christmas" was an early talk. We wanted to be intentional about it. So we chose to transition from having a pile of gifts to having cheery stockings stuffed with small but beautiful treasures. And then, keeping most of our budget for extra good food round the holidays, dinners with friends, and saving up for a yearly trip. 

Here's a peek at what went into Robbie's this year: 

A gorgeous & solid pocket knife -- with a carveable handle. An ideal heritage item, I think. I dream of a future son or daughter treasuring this. This was the pièce de résistance this Christmas. Twas gently passed round the room and admired by all. 

DW watches are interchangeable and he wears his gold and black one every day. So, I thought a silver and brown-strapped one would be perfect. He can swap out the bands if he ever chooses. (You can still use deercircus15 for 15% off until the 15th.)

--  A bitty-size bourbon-infused maple syrup (for the next time we make pancakes, perhaps while camping?) 

-- Little brass compass. 

-- Folding pocket comb (for the man ever concerned with the state of his coif.) 

(All from Lucca Great Finds in Ballard. Go on your next Seattle trip!) 

Funny little thrifted rabbit. 

I found this fella at Goodwill after stopping in at Lucca Great Finds. I love to pass a morning ducking in boutiques, or shops like Anthropologie, and then go thrifting. It sort of "primes" me visually. He's the perfect nesting cup for Robbie's often-misplaced Burt's Bees.