08 January 2016

And They Make Ice Cream

ice cream maker: cuisinart (try refurbished -- we're fans! -- for a better price.) 

I reckon it's because I'm a romantic -- and I reckon you are too, reckon that you must be, otherwise you'd have long ago grown tired of me -- but I find fewer things sweeter than a full day of cooking with your person. Despite weather not abiding this particular culinary direction...Robbie was obsessed with spending his days off making ice cream together. So there we were, with the music, in the pjs, with the slippers, and the ice cream. I love spending time with him in the kitchen because it's when his true scientific persona and my whimsical persona emerge and are funny together, and occasionally spat, but always kiss and make up. 

Personally, I'm excited to try more complex combinations, but, this being our ice cream maker's inaugural use, we kept it simple as could be using this recipe from The New York Times (with strawberry one batch, Nutella the next). It was so easy and the ice cream tasted fresh and full and completely decadent and I'm certain this is my new favorite hobby -- 

that is, making ice cream & eating it too. 


  1. What a wonderful post. I think one of my favorite things about your blog posts are that it always has both a practical side, all the information and meaty bits in an easy to read dialogue, but then, there is this absolute depth-driven emotion that you can only have from truly feeling inside of a moment. I love this post... and I think it's terrific.

  2. Everything about this post is sweet and romantic. I love the idea of making ice cream together.