25 February 2016

A Few Thoughts On Making This Home, In The Midst Of It

Ahh, homemaking. Stuff o' my soul. 

Throughout our time in Denver, I felt burdened by our belongings. We lived on an infinitesimally small, put-it-all-into-grad-school budget. We were surrounded, literally, by things once loved but long outgrown. 

Things weighed heavy like vestiges of former lives. 

And so these things -- car full after car full of them -- were freed to find new homes in the days before our move. I think it had to happen that way. Suddenly. 

For now, in our first little bungalow, we are adhering to a white-wood-metal-and- plants-only palette. We're choosing to decorate with shape & texture instead of color/pattern.  Our space, at last feels a semblance of us, feels calm & adult & ready for us to fill with music, laughter, and good food...rather than things. 

Light, and like particles of a life slowly becoming. 


  1. I think it's so beautiful. Lovely.

  2. This is absolutely inspiring! I too feel weighted down by belongings from moving between parents and years of undergrad. It's difficult to lug all of that around when most of it seems so unnecessary.

    I think the reason we humans are so attached to belongings is because we are attached to the memories behind them. Memories are sometimes forgotten until we see something attached to it and it all floods back. In fact, I have what I call a memory box where I keep childhood things such as a small toy or a ring of keys just because I couldn't bear to let them go.

  3. I am a girl who likes clutter, what can I say? But I love your home. It's so lovely and charming.