09 February 2016

Boy, Midwinter

Boy, midwinter, pulls from his closet the usual things -- the well-worn boots and tee, those jeans (the black Levis he always chooses), the thick frames, the coat he's come to know like second skin, the one that will define him in the family album; looking at the photos we will know the year instantly, the way the edges of certain sandals or table lamps in the corner of frames define the time of our mothers & fathers.

 And on this day, with the coat, and this particular scruff, with the tree out back, the boy will be soon be off, looking for music and plants that might turn on spin tables or live in pots forever, but we cannot know. But  thatwill surely live forever in photos they make.


  1. yes yes yes. y'all are goals and your descriptions are to die for.
    long time reader, but rarely comment...just so you know tho, you're lovely.

  2. That jacket is so cute!



  3. Oh, I would to shoot something like this with my brother or husband. Lovely words too... I do love some good words first thing in the morning.


  4. I love the way you write, it's so soothing to read. I've just found your blog and i'm so glad I did. Look forward to future posts and exploring your older ones. You're man looks great by the way!