24 March 2016

Creating a Meditation Space

In my ever anxious, forward-backward-thinking mind, meditation became a way to create another world inside me. Which was, oddly enough, the mere permission to be present in this one. 

In our new home, quickly set to carving a space for this. A small, intentioned corner. The benefits of meditation are many -- from lightening anxiety, improved immune system and memory, lower blood pressure...so much more. 

You can meditate any place or any time. I simply wanted to find a corner that could quickly transform. It is a corner that shape-shifts, not a permanent fixture, but is always clear, and ready to be used, with my mat & other items nearby. I have kept it simple. 

Eventually, I may make the corner more permanent. I've a string of copper bells on hand, my own tibetan singing bowl & a tiny table to house sipping tea & other treasures on my mind. I believe in involving as many senses as you can. But I want to convey: this can be done anywhere, anytime. For now, mobility -- to pick these things up and take them outside on a nice day, in the car on a roadtrip -- is what my life requests, and I submit to that impermanence. 

Once a day, I retreat to this space -- sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes an hour, what time affords. There I:

wear something loose 
roll out my mat from my carrying straps
spritz lavender & eucalyptus spray & light a candle
turn on tibetan singing bowls / waterfall sounds 
sit up straight against/on a pillow
allow every part of my body to slowly relax
meditate (eyes closed, deep breaths, mudras, "om")
move into a yoga routine (i used my yoga cards to make a routine)
end with more meditation 

Peaceful meditations, my little love doves. 


  1. Beautiful!


  2. I have recently restarted my yoga routine.. such calmness at the end, unmatched by any other past-time!

  3. This is so lovely <3