01 March 2016

In this moment:

my dress, a new favorite, is from forever21.

my gold rings are c/o mejuri.


5 obsessions:
Bell sleeves, moon jars, garden flowers, palm plants, black holes. 

My favorite color:

Morning or night:
When I was younger, I lived & breathed nocturnal; this turned at 19. I could be a morning person forever -- and still be surprised by how invigorating, without fail, I find each new morning. 

Next on my reading list:

My work motto:
Be a dedicated imperfectionist. 

My love motto:
Love will be my life's art. 

Places on my mind:
Half Moon Bay, California. The drawer I need to tidy. Time as place. Mom's blue bathroom. Where the water catches in the tub drain making whirlpools. Southern France, where I have never been. 

Bothered by:
People who favor feeling right to giving love. 

Purchasing lately:
Grapefruit, thrifted house goods & dresses, bulk coffee, moleskine cahier notebooks.

Wearing most days:
Floor-sweeping house dresses. 

Recent revelation:
How the rounded arches and plant-filled corners in my godmother's old stucco house shaped my idea of home more than any home I grew up in. 

The last thing that made me cry: 
My best friend's father's cancer is gone. Anxiety. This piece of writing. 

5 things on writing, right now:
16 Essay tabs on the bottom of my screen, each a mess; Highway One, a large death, entropy, lungs.
Better verbs. 
The things people actually say.
I am trying to fictionalize the things that have to be fictionalized. 
Showing up. 


  1. I love these photos, and your outfit, and words, and all


  2. I adore every single bit of these posts. These photos of you are stunning. I have a feeling when you are a beautiful silver haired woman of 90 that these photos are going to be precious to look back on.

    This is a little random but I have a deep love for this band called Bootstraps. Their music is perfection and I just wanted to suggest you listen to them because I want to tell everyone about them, they are that good. Even better, they have their album available on vinyl if you fall in love with them too :)

  3. that photo of you in the chair is such a beautiful portrait! lovely girl, as always.