09 March 2016

My Favorite Housewares -- Amazon Edition

These are just a few of my most beloved, simple & hard-working home goods. When it comes to utilitarian basics, I prefer to keep them natural, pared-down of palette, and also heritage quality when possible (so they needn't be repurchased -- better for our planet & for us). With our lives being so digitized, I find it increasingly necessary to bring natural textures -- like wood, sturdy linens -- back into our homes so they can be our soothing safe havens. I also believe you don't have to break the bank to do it.

(A note: I wanted to keep this attainable. And so this is just a starting point for those on a budget, looking to invest in some good ol' basic house things. I'll do more specific roundups, as well as outdoor items, and a roundup of some favorite artisan+maker shops in the coming year.)


glass heritage hill jar -- For corralling your prettiest utensils, or for storing bulk basics like flour, sugar. 

cutting boards  -- I choose wood over plastic & this bamboo cutting board set is beautiful.

wooden spoons -- I keep loads of wooden stir spoons, and pick up new ones from thrift stores & markets regularly. Bamboo is wonderful to start with because it's tougher than maple, and, I find, washes & dries more nicely.

wooden scrub brushes -- (Because: more beautiful to look, and better for Mother Earth!)
     for dishes -- this is my go-to brush. Lola brushes have my heart. 
     for pots & pans  
     for vegetables 

flour sack towels -- These will change your life. Extremely absorbent, and feel like something from Grammy's kitchen. 

canvas shopping totes -- I keep 'em by the front door so I'm never without. (Commit to no-plastic!)

cookbooks -- 
      saveur new classics -- The best all-around cookbook in my arsenal & it's beautiful.
      the forest feast -- Bohemian, full of fast & easy vegetarian dishes & cocktails.
      tacolicious -- For any taco lover, ohmygoshyouguys. 


canvas laundry bags  -- We keep wicker & woven baskets stationed throughout. But, there's the matter of moving to & fro. I love canvas bags for this. I use these to ferret freshly laundered things to my bedroom where I fold, and also to stage washing queues. They're so simple and lovely that laundry sort of disappears elegantly inside them.

basic laundry brush -- Like any laundry obsessed geek, I'm a huge fan of The Laundress products. They work exceptionally & make gorgeous, potential heritage items. This basic laundry brush is ideal for general scrubbing -- whether you're hand washing or prepping something for the machine. 


amber bottles -- For homemade cleaners & essential oil misters (linen sprays, yoga mat sprays, etc.). I recommend having each size, as the small ones are quite useful for small batch cleaners (often you only need a little at a time). These remind me of my grammy, an ideal compliment. 

     large amber bottles
     small amber bottles 
     amber dropper bottles 

floor brushes 
     handle brush 

brooms & dustpans 
     basic broom 
     corn husk broom 
     wood & metal dust pan & brush set 
     heavy duty metal dust pan 

dr. bronner's castille soap in lavender & hemp peppermint  -- Grew up on castille soap, and so will my family. You can use this for formulating everything from household cleaners to hand soap to hair washes, to dog shampoo, everything. Worth every penny, especially if you are looking into making more of your own home + beauty goodies. 


led edison bulbs -- Bare Edison bulbs have been all the rage and can now get them in LED. Much better for the environment & you -- these will cut your energy bill down & last for ages without compromising a vintage feel. (You may need a different style/size depending on your lamp, so look around.) 

shaker pegs -- The places I spent most of my childhood were old colonials and shaker homes -- and I always felt these spaces -- with their shaker cabinets, heavy doors and beadboard -- were simply hard-working, long-lasting homes. Shaker pegs reflect that.

accordion hooks -- I love this style because it can lean more bohemian or more classic, whichever you prefer. They're versatile, easily made different widths, and can hold everything from coats & umbrellas, to jewelry, to kitchen mugs. 

interior design books -- 
     remodelista -- The book features homes that range from minimal to classically British, to curated & artful Brooklyn brownstones & amish farmhouses. (But all in mostly neutral, natural palettes.) 
     the new bohemians --  More colorful, kaleidoscopic & textural -- I love how the homes in this book just feel welcoming. I want to curl up in all of them with a glass of wine. 
mindfulness items --
     yoga cards --  For setting up your own routine & practicing yoga at home. 
     yoga mat -- Every home needs yoga mats. Even if you don't do yoga routinely. The act of laying out a mat & spending some time-- just meditating -- requires intention & presence. 
     salt rock lamp  -- Emits a calming glow & brings a natural element inside.
     harmony bells, copper -- For above the bed, in a meditation corner, or in a window. 


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  2. This is fantastic! -- I've been striving to become more free and less reliant on plastics because I am very much into being environmentally conscious. Thank you so much for sharing these resources. :]

    May I also suggest any goods from this site (these may or may not be budget friendly compared to your above mentions).