23 May 2016

But First, Hydrangeas

Our yard's a funny one. Oblong, sitting strangely to the side of the house, and guarded by a less-than picturesque chain link fence...but all, all ours. And we have plans for her. Oh boy. We see a white picket fence enveloping a cottage garden, bursting into view from the sidewalk in hues of pink and cream and green. We see peonies and roses -- all the roses, in fact, a dedicated rose garden with sitting bench, and dahlias too, and shapely little shrubs and I am getting ahead of myself.

But first: a thick wall of blooming hydrangeas. There's a good, big patch of unsightly weeds and overgrown riffraff beneath our front picture window. And it's begging us for something new. Something full and flowering and ineffably pretty. It's begging us for hydrangeas.

I'm in love with them already.


  1. They're so beautiful! I remember pining over all the hydrangeas I was passing in everyone's front yards over summer! Oh to have a garden and to be able to fill it <3 you future garden sounds like my dream - all the peonies and rises please!
    Cheray x

  2. i adore this Bridget, especially that pale pink color. i love how the front yard becomes a new room in the summer months.