14 May 2016

It Reminds You

A scene which accidentally unfolded -- beginning yesterday when I unexpectedly found the floral sheet at a thrift shop (unexpectedly because I hadn't planned to be there, but having the time wrong & a forgotten errand next door sent me in for an unplanned nosy), and then, having washed it, brought it to the bedroom to fold for the linen closet, but liking the way it looked, left it there, and then, having left the door open, returned 5 minutes later to see a lone sweet pup asleep atop it. 

It's small and it might not mean much, but it's nice, and it reminds you. 


  1. ohhhh the vibe <3 the unexpected is beauty

  2. Well, this cant be any cuter. I love it <3

  3. So precious <3 I love it when I walk out the room for a minute and come back to find my pup has made a home on whatever item of clothing I may have left on the bed! Just the sweetest!