24 August 2016

As Someone Once Said

Just a couple of phone snaps shot by my honey the other day at the park. We were there for a separate purpose, but wandered up this path for a moment on our way out, drawn in by that scattered & sparkling light. 

And as they say, or as someone wise once said, or as I'm now saying -- you must always walk toward the light. 

And now I'm determined to take my camera back here & get some proper shots before summer's up. Because that light. That light, that light, that light. 


  1. Everything about this is so perfect, the light, the tone, the atmosphere.
    erin | words and pictures

  2. Beautiful! And that dress..ohh…perfection.

  3. So dreamy-you look like you could be a fairy. and have I mentioned I love your bangs?

    1. Oh, Jana, that's so nice of you to say! To be honest, I have quite a love-hate relationship with them. I try to quit 'em, but I keep coming back. And then the second I'm back I wish I'd stuck with growing them out. Ever vacillating!


  4. Gosh what a gorgeous blog you have. I love bloggers who look natural in front of the camera, who share their life because it just makes sense to do it in this way. So excited to be following you now.


  5. Ok, I was rummaging through your blog yesterday and today and I just adore all of your posts but especially this one. There is something about you standing in the middle of a forest with your white dress. You look like a beautiful nature queen. And that dress. I've actually been eying it before I saw this post and I'm so sad that it's not available anymore! Such a dreamy frock! You are perfect as always.