03 November 2016

A Birthday

Easing myself back into this blogging thing -- here's a couple snapshots from my honey love's birthday on Tuesday. He worked late, but we were able to snag our favorite pizza from down the road just before closing time (it's this super thin, delicate margherita pizza and it's so, so good, I wish I could hand you a slice through my laptop). 

The doily banner is an ol' birthday tradition -- though the form (doilies, bits of stationery, etc.) changes now & then. Each doily holds a little written sentiment (one per year of his life) -- memories, loving words, hopes & promises, quotations. A right mix of lovely thoughts for a person lovelier than the total summation of every lovely thought imaginable. 

xoxo ~ And I'll be back very soon. 


  1. As always, so lovely. Obsessed with your doily banner idea. <3

  2. Happy belated birthday, your pictures are always so dreamy!

  3. You make such a beautiful life.