18 November 2016

How To Stay Soft In A Harsh World // 01

How to Stay Soft in a Harsh World, 01: 

Make your nightstand (or some chair, spot on the floor) excessively pretty, the kind of pretty that isn't perfect, that hints at your certain sort of self-ordained beauty. And so your first and final waking moments of any given day are very nicely met. You may try...

~ A pile of books (so you may lose yourself in other worlds when this one's too much). 
~ Fresh flowers (the filler ones, the baby's breath & carnations will do just fine -- so you may realize in spite of things, there is beauty all about).

~ Perfume (so you may make the world a bit more lovely with a tiny frivolity).

~ A good lamp (so you may brighten the dark spots). 


1 comment:

  1. Gosh, your words and pictures are so dreamy, Bridget! Lovely.