27 November 2016

How To Stay Soft in a Harsh World 02 // Consider the Flowers

Or some thoughts related to the appreciation of flowers. 

...Because, and this belief is my whole, ol' heart: TO REMAIN SOFT, IMITATE SOFTNESS. Discard the other parts of the world for a moment, imitate the soft & gentle things alone. Slowly, this feeling will take you over, replacing the hardened, performative, tired parts. And flowers...flowers are a lovely place to start...

~ Buy or otherwise find yourself a bouquet. 
~ Spread them about in lots of tiny vessels everyplace. 
~ Close your eyes and smell them, deeply. Name the smells. Like, rose, for certain, but what else? Dewey earth, early dawn, birdsong, book pages, wintertime? 
~ Photograph your flowers. Keep a collection of flower photographs, printed, in an old album (also floral) that you thrifted. Label it, "Flowers I Have Met" or whatever you like but surely give it a name. 
~Dry your flowers, and...
~Twist them in velvet ribbons & stream them around. Tiny wispy bouquets. Garland. Pressed in pages. A nature journal. In frames on the walls. Loose petals in a jar. Loose petals in letters to friends. 
~Learn about flowers. Pick a flower, learn a tiny bit about it, be a little like that flower for a day. Be rose or lavender or baby's breath...
~ Don't discount the faux ones either...remember only that flowers were so beautiful, it made someone pause, "could I make this last forever?" And thus it was. Make flower crowns or tuck them in books or hang them with ribbon or anything in the world that makes you smile. 
~Remember flowers bloom off roots and stems which are knobby, gangly things, and we all have roots and stems but we all have flowers, too, but becoming them takes patience & a lot of attention and love. 
~Forgive like a flower. They are always rebirthing.
~And, like a flower, bend toward the bright spots.
~Because you have seen a flower, you can smell their fragrance & see them. Rose oil on the cheeks, perfume on the neck & wrists, bubbles in the bath, soap, sachets in the drawers. You can have them everywhere, everywhere.
~ Gaze at pictures of flowers, here are some.
~Believe like flowers. Don't get so caught up in wondering your worth that you forget how beautiful you are, how you will bloom and bloom again, always. 
~Believe that by inspiring others, or being a bit more soft or beautiful in your ways...you will help others to do the same, just as flowers embody the need for a bit of excessive, frivolous beauty. 
~And always bring flowers wherever you go, to whomever you meet, remembering as an old Chinese proverb says, "A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers."


  1. Your lovely spirit inspires me <3 Your imagery and words capture that soft sort of strength that is, to me, what is truly feminine.

  2. "Like a flower, bend towards the bright spots." I love that.