03 November 2016

Things Thrifted

Darling Petit Bateau in sage green. Sweet for a boy or a girl. The seafoam dress was once my own (complete with matching bonnet). My "baby box" is an open idea, and I actually have the tender bits -- stuffies & clothing & things -- scattered about the house, on hooks and sitting chairs, in places where one can round the corner & spot a bit of childhood magic. 

Some new favorite dresses. 

Just some of the books thrifted lately. I thrift piles (at many places they're still just a dollar or two). Positively everything -- novels, poetry, memoir, self-help, coffee table books, art books, children's books. I'm an enthusiastic collector of all the Beatrix Potter, Winnie-The-Pooh, Madeline I can find (amongst so many other favorites old & new) and keep extra copies about. I figure, someday, we may need copies in the nursery, living room, car, purse, for a friend. And I like them anyway, so pooh-pooh to those who'd instruct me otherwise in the ways of book collecting. 

 "Love Letters" is so breathtakingly beautiful & I'd recommend it for the coffee table or bedside of any romantic. "Love Letters of Great Men" too. 

This photo was taken accidentally, but is just a wonderful vignette of all things thrifted. The mirror, the ditsy floral pitcher, every candlestick. 

In full honesty, I purchased this precisely because it reminds me of Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice -- in further full honesty, this is how I select most of my clothing (that is, its fitness to appear in a Jane Austen film adaptation). This reminded me of the scene in the ribbon shop, and then beneath the tree in the rain. I like to wear it under dresses, pull my hair into a messy braid, and write at the dining table.

Also bought this because it reminded me of Pride & Prejudice, a bit more Jane, however. Another exact scene, in fact, but I'll hold back because even I am aware (painfully) of my insufferable spouting. Ok, but because I can only suppress myself to a point -- a really endearing bit: I read a quote recently from the director of the film who said that Rosamund Pike (who plays Jane, also whose name I completely love), is ribbon-obsessed & would constantly have ribbons with her on set -- that could be quickly tied about the waist or just enjoyed in whichever way, purely for the romance of it. I love that. I think that's the kind of woman / someday mother / person I strive to be. 

This. Pillowcase. Is. Everything. Good. And. Holy. Amen. 
It stirs my heart so -- those flowers and the bit of ribbon really, really gets me. (A ribbon motif occurring here?) But I don't know, it's not really a detail I see often -- though I find a good many floral pillows. And it's the prettiest lilac. 

Little Eeyore & Pooh Bear, from Robbie's childhood, too. 

AND NOW I self-indulgently model the clothing for you, here, in low-quality shots taken in the tight corner of my bedroom while whatever semblance of light we find in Washington in November quickly fades. I love this dress alone, or with sweaters of all sorts, or with a victorian or edwardian era blouse tucked beneath. 

A pumpkiny sweater whose texture is so waffle-like, it may henceforth just be titled my Pumpkin Spice Waffle Sweater. (Also, my eye, what even?) The pockets are a good size for holding a small paperback book. See? Even a romantic girl can be practical -- for the right reasons, anyway. 

I've been eager to add a bit more baby blue to my wardrobe of late. It's just a hue that makes my heart happy in the truest of ways. The little ruffles & tie also reminded me of Jane Bennet in certain scenes. It's the lightest, softest thing in the world & a few sizes too big, and I worship the hook it resides on. 

No words, only heart eyes stretching from me to the ends of the universe. 

As always, and forever, happy thrifting! 


  1. Each and every one of these pieces is absolutely exquisite <3 That pink dress is darling!

  2. Your posts always make me happy(in pretty much the same way Pride and Prejudice 2005 makes me happy).

  3. I love posts like these, I love to see what people have thrifted - the blue floral dress at the end is my absolute favourite, and I like the accidental shot of the candlesticks and pitcher, it looks like a screenshot from a movie <3

    Kate / http://battlewind.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. "this is how I select most of my clothing (that is, its fitness to appear in a Jane Austen film adaptation)"

    Is there any other way?! The pink dress is loveliness in and of itself, by the way.

  5. Ok first off, you are the loveliest person in the world. Secondly, I cannot get over all the beautiful pastel and your thrifted mantel/dresser pieces and your waffle book pocket sweater and the baby blue and the Jane Austen references and the Madeline and Anne of Green Gables books and literally everything. <3

  6. You are so so wonderful. I love your posts. Pure magic.