17 April 2017

About a Mantlepiece ~

My mantlepiece is really such an emotional space for me; I like to think of it like a little personal museum of sorts. It stays mostly the same -- the mirror, the candlesticks -- while other things rotate. It always feels like this homage to emotional snapshots in time. It feels like romance. 

Here are some things I like to have on mine ~ 
~ a beautiful mirror into whose corners you can tuck memorabilia (photographs, ticket stubs, letters) ~ candlesticks & vessels (a mix of brass & silver & mercury glass, and ivory & white candles...feels romantic to me) ~ books ~ fresh flowers that look plucked from an English garden, especially in thrifted pitchers ~ art, layered in with tiny photographs / little written notes in frames ~ small objects of curiosity (like: statues, terrariums, bell jars & cloches, faux birds, dried flowers, preserved butterflies, any tiny thing that feels mysterious & beautiful to you...)

1 comment:

  1. I love your mantle. For me it's my antique vanity in my bedroom. It always collects dried flowers, handwritten notes, perfumes, and favorite necklaces. It's beautiful to me.