20 July 2017

Our Breakfast Nook

Like the best things & people in life, she's a work in progress, our little breakfast nook. A corner for morning coffees, for long talks over slow-moving dinner & wine with friends, for afternoons journaling or writing in the margins of a favorite new book. Over the years I've come to appreciate a simpler aesthetic, a more neutral palette (that favors shape & texture over color and pattern) ~ and no place is this truer, than, perhaps, our beloved nook. The more calming this space feels, the more apt I am to happily tinker around making a meal all afternoon, or to stay in for that cup of coffee. 

What I love about it now: 
~ The nook & table were a yard sale find. It's a pretty common set that usually comes in wood. Ours was a bluish-gray and Robbie lovingly, painstakingly painted it white. 
~ The (lack of) color palette. I love the layers of white & wood; they calm me so. And maybe it's just me, but this paring down makes me little wall-mounted crescent basket, a single candlestick or wheel-thrown mug feel a bit like a special art piece. 
~ A trusty sheepskin thrown over a chair. Always! 

What I hope to (slowly) change:
~ Replace one of the chairs with a simple bench. Usually this set comes with a bench, but ours was missing. Because there is so much white & dark wood, we'd love just a plain unfinished pine one....and just imagine it with a sheepskin.
~ Maybe, if I can figure out a way that wouldn't be too crowded...a tiny bit of wall shelving or just some simple hooks for mugs. I love our kitchen, but one thing it's missing is just a bit of open shelving ~ we have so many beautiful pieces I'd love to keep in sight rather than tucked behind cupboard doors.
~ Layers of pillows ~ in neutrals, a mix of textures. I'd like to sew some linen pillowcases this summer to mix in with other found cushions. 


  1. what a beautiful little nook!! I adore all the white and light wood!!

  2. Your little nook looks so cozy

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