24 November 2017

Make It ~ Delicate Book Covers

So here is an easy, beautiful weekend project for you. I would have made this a DIY, but honestly it's so darn easy and also I did these as I do most projects...from my heart and a bit impulsively and very passionately and totally imperfectly. 

All you need is a roll of white paper (like this or like this if you're real serious) & a sharpie & scissors & a holiday movie to watch, something cozy to sip. It's easy peasy ~ like, I don't even know what to say? Just wrap the paper 'round your books like you did in school! The measurements will be different for each book, so I just took 'em one by one and made sure there was enough to get around the width and cut. As for the height, I left a little extra to fold down on the top & bottom before folding it onto the book. Then I wrote the title and author on the spine. These are sooo not perfect or pristine! But they make me happy every time I see them. 

Oh and here is another cute idea. If you want a breathtaking bookshelf but you're not so into this dovey white ~ do floral books! Just make book covers like you would for these, and pop some of this flora tape on the side. You could have each print be a different genre & write the names on the covers maybe. I'm pretty smitten, lol, like, pretty sure I've talked myself into this while writing so maybe I'll do a mini shelf like this!