06 December 2017

Things O' My Heart

So now I'm actually trying to blog again...I've been reminded of all the sorts o' posts I like to do ~ some from years and years ago. I remember I used to love to document things o' my heart, jus' lil things that make me heart-happy, like home bits, and clothing, girl things...and, too, the soul stuff like favorite lines of poetry and beloved books. (But you know, if you ask me, it's all soul stuff. I will say it over and over. "Anything you have found or believed to be beautiful is yours forever.")

Anyway, I'm not one who often changes my already so-simple beauty routine or who often tries new looks. I would really truly have a wardrobe full of white dresses, floral dresses, delicate blouses for layering, oatmeal cardigans, and dusty rose ballet flats than have a hundred different looks to choose from. I am always and forever thrifting the same things and wearing the same lipstick, and the same shoes, and falling for the same kinds of art pieces and I'm really really really ok with that. 

Even then, the list of things I love is long. And I want a place to put those lil lists again. Even if only so my future sons and daughters can look at them, can feel the pulse of their mother through them...

for today, just a few home things...~ 

~ petite thrifted vases...i love a full vase of flowers but what i love even more is spreading them about in tiny vessels. it reminds me of being in college and thrifting them (mostly milk glass) to hold a single rose or lil spray roses robbie would sometimes bring me. 

~ candlesticks...they are all beloved to me. brass, silver, glass, simple, ornate...this one is my very favorite. i stock up on candles from the dollar tree usually, trader joe's when those cute boxes are in.

~ thrifted pillowcases...in soft cloudy creams and dove grays, with ruffles especially, gentle florals. my favorite floral ones are those that look like they were once bright and brilliant but were left in the sun for years and years, slowly softening and finding a more dusty, delicate way to be. these are robbie's favorite, too. i will often come home from the thrift and say, "robbie! i found you a new pillowcase!" and immediately wash it so he can sleep on it right away, so i can see him sleeping on it right away. 

~ variations on a ballerina theme...especially art prints. i know i have said this a thousand times here and everywhere, but i have always said to robbie that "off-duty ballerina" is exactly how i want my loungewear drawer and our home to feel. i love ballerina art, lil ballerina figurines, and like to leave my rosy ballerina flats and tutu skirts scattered about like living art. 

~ a small but so-pretty bluetooth speaker...bubs got me this lil gold one for baby's room and it's become my favorite, favorite thing for listening to spotify playlists hum through our home. our house is small ~ beautifully, so you can trace the tunes from one corner to any other, effortless, automatic...

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  1. Welcome back and congratulations on your bebe on the way. I've enjoyed seeing your posts show up sporadically on my feed recently :) xo