04 March 2018

ulie lou ~ early days // part one

you came earthside and within hours i could write novels of your life. you are so many yet-to-be-written poems, scribbling across the walls of my heart. this happens automatically, intrinsically: the way my body grew you. cell by cell. requiring, somehow, everything of me, but taking it all unconsciously, naturally. 

i wanted to put these photographs someplace, even while my words sort themselves into things that may someday resemble sentences again, and eventually stories. (and there are so many i don't want to forget...) but right now are days to be spent deliriously tired, and deliriously happy.


  1. Ah the newborn haze... Such a tender time. Isn't it incredible how your life can change in an instant? From the moment Ulysses was born you're a new person, reborn into your role as a mother ❤

  2. I love your blog! Also, what is the template you are using?