21 August 2018

roo meets avo

in which roo meets an avocado. 
eager at first, then lukewarm, then spoon-grabbin', this boy. 

seems right his california-hailing mom should begin with that large-pitted sun fruit. 

it was difficult and beautiful, trying and tender, to give my son sustenance from a source outside my body. it was like taking him to another country. ocean-crossing. but it is more than a garden of delights to see roo go go go and grow. my milky honey love plumping by night and rising rooster-like crowing with new tricks. and now, newest magic trick, he takes a spoon and devours earth.


  1. That last line... "He takes a spoon and devours earth." Ugh so beautiful, as always.
    On another note, I love the faces we moms make to encourage our littles to eat their dinners :D

  2. Oh, I just noticed Bernadette in the corner, eagerly awaiting a bit of something to be dropped!