05 September 2018

four seasons: a journal

last year i started a quiet homesteading project; a seasonal journal. i wanted a humble (pocket-tote-able) space to keep only notes pertaining to the four seasons (so easy for them to get loosely tethered to everything else). my vision for this was several-fold: to catalog practicalities like activity ideas, crafts, in-season food charts, recipes, and so on for each season; to catalog poetics like word lists or quotes about each of the seasons; and finally, to make an heirloom piece to pass on to my children. something i hope they will remember us handling often, a tradition i hope they'll carry. 

this autumn, i'm going to transcribe the notes into this beautiful journal made by my sister-in-law (right now they are in a paper moleskin, the last fresh notebook i'd had on hand). as you can see, there are five separate sections, so i thought: one per each season: spring, summer, autumn, winter. and a fifth yet to decide. perhaps for once-each-season to-do's like a home deep-cleaning checklist, for at-a-glance charts ~ "what's in season" and "seasonal diffuser recipes" and so on.  

if you're reading this, i hope this humble project touches the part of you that holds this same deep, primal need to live whisper-close to nature's rhythms. i've long-felt it but the need has been so intense lately, a feeling i can touch, can point to in my body, but can't quite name. i think i'm not meant to. what i know is ~ it's so much of what i want for my son. 


just a few pages you might put in your own four seasons journal 


seasonal at-home activities 
seasonal out-of-home activities
seasonal market lists
quotes for each season
word association lists
a seasonal reading list for the family
by-season homemaking tasks
birthday & occasions list
gift ideas per season
a thrift list per season 
sewing project ideas

(it's endless, really.)

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  1. I love this idea! I'm going to give it a go. The seasonal differences are subtle here in southern California, but they're still there and I love living seasonally and embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly of the whole year.