27 January 2019

self-portrait with rattan, 2019

had a pretty stellar hour at the thrift shop with uli lou, thought i'd share some of our sweet finds...

o, but, my assistant had a different...artistic direction...for this shoot. thought it could a little (baby) human touch.

as always, he was right. 

and so, presenting, saturday's thrift haul plus one ulie lou in vintage cardigan + yoli & otis.

lots of wicker, rattan, pottery, things to warm up my oh so cold washington home, you get the gist here. that seashell pink sheet is my picnic/backdrop dream come true, still in its packaging from '92. oh, and words fall short when i try to express my love for a crew neck sweatshirt in a 70s sunset hue. send me your mother's unwanted cruise resort wear. ok, enough from me. 

yes, please, take the lead on bowls, uli, i trust your vision here. 

"but what does it mean? why this arrangement? the use of negative space? what is the artist trying to say?" 

"self-portrait with rattan, 2019"

*arranges vases in window*
*quickly takes photo*
*removes breakable vases from window*
*uli steps in to move the last one*

thank you, uli.

state-mandated lunch break. 

we're almost there...

"ahh" sighs the artist, "fin."

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