23 January 2019

uli, winter

some photos from play time and two back-to-back naps in mama's bed on a january day. the way he delights at the endless-feeling forest as he rises reminds me to be a better, deeper recipient of wonder in the walls of our treehouse home. 

winter is such a renewing season, if only we let it work its magic. every winter i enjoy increasing the atmosphere by clearing out what doesn't feel beautiful anymore. a too-stuffed drawer exchanges air staccato to me -- and every closet, cupboard, drawer, soul breathes deeper with the mere space gained from letting go. 

january feels like "yes" to me. it feels like...yeah, let's track down the good boots and take the long hike to the mountain hot springs. book the flight. the big sack of winter citrus at the market. there's something soft and almost luxurious about the way winter days move unfussy at a slow drip. every winter day feels full to the brim and that's the case whether we sit waffle-knit-clad sipping cocoa or pack up for a long weekend out of dodge. 

uli, my boy winter, is of course the deepest winter wonder of all. i can't look at him and not see our very first hours together, february last -- how he re-wrote in my marrow the very meaning of winter mornings and winter nights. how much a boy he is now. cruising the sofa curb on toes, mama-spoonin' every hour, crooning (seriously, he siiiiings), the funny mischievous wonderfully boyish glances. i'm so happy he's here. i'm so happy that for some reason (that i'll never understand, ever) i'm entrusted to show him the world. in our good boots. on the long hikes. or in waffle-knits on the sofa. in the trees every which way. 

it's a good life, it's a good, good life. 

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