25 January 2019

walks to the mailbox

our walk to the mailbox out in our forest home is a bit of a hike, like, actually a hike, so uli and i will bundle up, load the stroller with market totes and baskets (for mail, and foraging), and make an afternoon of it. 

about sixty seconds after taking this photo, uli had another hat, and more blankets on, and was fast asleep. nothing like a stroller nap in the fresh air woods (i can imagine). 

lol also these adventures o late make me realize how desperately i need some new outdoorsy gear in our new wild-wood abode, so i'm going to link my aspirational wardrobe below. 

back home, in fresh cozies! oh! and we never got the mail. we *did* mill around awkwardly for forty-five minutes waiting for the nice postdude to unload it, though. and then we gave up and went on living our lives instead hahaha. 

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