11 February 2019

february days

"isn't the negative space in this bowl just so sexy?' i asked robbie when i brought home this thrift find.  look, he didn't have a lot to say about that...but, you know, we all have our passions. 

his: gastronomy. 

presenting: a lou who has just (triumphantly) kicked off his socks, a mum whose blush sweater matches the sofa (...almost always). i will reassert: we all have our passions. mine include: laundry, rattan, the bachelor, color schemes. 

i have approximately 4500 photos from this snowy morning, i'll make a post soon. but these two. oh heart puddle of heart puddles. uli slips that sly, suppressed smile all. the. time. and it always cracks us up, the way he holds in this huge sunburst grin...and then it just alllllll comes out with a magnificent squeal. i knew i wanted these somethings but i never knew what exactly they would be. how and when they would arrive and how much of my soul they would re-write. and that's motherhood. 

and the next morning brought more snow to a once-again happy boy. 

and these forest friends. 

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