This is a blog about the things that remind me I am, and what exactly that means. 

It is a blog about whom I love and what ~ like dresses, and flowers, and him, and homemaking and poetry. It is about staying in bed sometimes, and about falling in love, and how, and with whom and with what (everything), and it is an ode to drinking coffee in the morning and at night, or whenever you please -- and handling the consumption and production of poetry and rose gardens in a similar manner. It's a love letter. 

 It is sometimes about photos, and other times more about words, and often about very little, but occasionally very much -- the hope is that all the drudging through a lot of long-windedness is the promise of a good line...

or two, or many, many more. 

My name is Bridget Anne.
Here are some of the ways to get to know me:

How To Enjoy Your Life 

If you fancy talking more: 


  1. you two are way too cute. i found my love last year. at the age of 16. well. i feel privileged too. :D

  2. Piril, I adore you limitlessly!

    And Hannah, thank you for sharing that -- I think young love is awfully sweet, and a true blessing.

  3. O, Fannie Mae, my flower girl

    Yea, to stray is your right of way,
    But only in the good day is it okay-gay
    Lest you puree your heart fillet
    And stab that sentimental soufflé.

    Yea, to stray is exploratory survey
    Which effects exponential decay?
    Yea, to stray is to delay and become—
    A dog sleigh in the name of child’s play

    Yea, to stray is to play with the Oxford gray jay
    And sniff every bouquet each and every day
    While always wearing a toupee

    Yea, to stray is to forget the soiree
    Because you are eating parfait
    And christening it spiritual bouquet
    Indoingso you fritter away

    Yea, to stray becomes your Appian one-way.
    And too stray is to become a blued jay
    And pray for replay with the potter’s clay: o. a bird of prey.

    Yea, to stray, even in a heartfelt way, leads not
    To Victory Day
    Or Discovery day, my rocky mountain jay

    Yea, to stray is Labor Day!
    Yea, to stray is to portray and sidestep play
    And lead astray.
    Yea, to stray is to look for miracle play on the cabriolet in a cabaret.
    Yea, to stray is told to hold the alms tray.

    Nay, I am fading away,
    Yea, I am an old world jay or new world jay, every which way,
    Nay, do away with shooing away and begging for only one more day.
    Yea, I have spent all of my day’s a-stray
    And my toupee shall be a bouquet
    Nay, avoid the delays
    For to stray wants forever + a day
    My buttercup, you rhyme with Today
    You are a handsome nosegay
    An array of daisies, Fannie Mae

    [IN Memoriam]
    And if I could recant, I would overlook the Amaranth
    Yea, I was Nay

  4. Old Poem written to say congrats on the marriage. Corny poetry to say...thanks and a bunch of happiness to you.

  5. oh ....wow...... you are so inspiring! I'm very glad I came across your blog! !

  6. That picture is sooooooo adorable!!

  7. love looking around on your blog. new blogger (so glad you found mine)

  8. Wow, I just found your blog and I think you are beautiful! One of my favourites now!!
    I'm a new blogger so this really inspired me :) Thanks xxxx http://thesongthatsummersings.blogspot.com.au/

  9. i'm so glad to find you! you are precious. bless your sweet marriage : )

  10. Reading this now! Oh my, do you have CF? I want to mention to you my Endure section of my blog...I am learning we really do have a lot in common, how beautiful.
    And dogs?!! My little guy is my side kick:)

    so so nice to know you!

  11. Me again, sorry--haha

    so do you do swaps, it would be cool to swap with you if you do...;)

  12. Seriously woman, i think i love you even more now.

    xo em

  13. Love this little 'about us' write up... it really is so sweet to see you guys celebrating your love everyday. Inspirational stuff guys. Less than three x

  14. Bridget I absolutely LOVE your blog! These image are beautiful and it looks like you had a great holiday. Very happy to say I'm your newest follower.
    {then there was us}

  15. Hello there Bridget!

    New bloggie friend am I! Your blog is too sweet. Glad to have found it! :)

  16. LOVE your sweet blog! So many pretty things to see and read!!


  17. LOVE your blog. Great photographs and sweet posts.

  18. Well, now I just found my new favourite blog... I'm obsessed. Amazing pictures.

    Summer xx


  19. Hello! Lovely photos and words, you guys have obviously found something special! Also,{random things} Archibald is the name my girls would have ended up with had one of them been a boy (instead we have Jemima and Anouk) Not sure whether I can go a hat-trick, so I may also one day have a dog called Archibald ;) And my husband is also a pharmacist...if here in Aus our job description of pharmacist is the same? Which I'm not sure. ANYWAY. x


  20. I'm happy I found your blog, it's wonderful.

  21. Hey! Is there a way I can look at your archives? I don't think you have a link for archives; it would be nice if you put one up so I can look through!

  22. your pictures & your words are absolutely stunning. i cannot wait to follow along.

  23. How happy I am to have found your blog! (thanks for letting AT into your home just so I could find you!)

  24. Your photos are more than amazing.

  25. It has been incredibly lovely to watch your blog shift and grow into such an elegant bouquet of poetry and photography. I've been visiting your little corner of the internet since we were in that English 310 class (in which we circled around and around that deep little novel, Heart of Darkness, for three months), and though it may be a bit gauche to phrase it thus, I have to say: your work is inspirational. Your photos are luminous and your words are vibrant and warm, but what makes your blog so lovely is the choice you make to linger on simplicity and illuminate its beauty. The life you portray in your posts is beautiful--not because your life is perfect, but because you choose to treasure even the most petite things in life so deeply that there is little space left to dwell on the brokenness. This, I am finally understanding, is one of the best ways to live this wild life. Thank you for sharing your work with us--it is a reminder that life is richer if instead of dwelling on emptiness, we instead fall in love with thrifted frocks and drink deep of sweet lattes and take silver morning walks with people we care about, and treasure each each experience as deeply as strands of sapphires.

  26. So sweet and thoughtful! I really appreciate your simple, gentle writing. :) What a wonderful way to get to know someone.
    ~ Sanjana

  27. Your blog is magnificently lovely; you definitely have yourself a new follower. <3

    Ava \\ http://landofquiet.blogspot.com